Monday, July 14, 2014

You Can Write!

July 14, 2014 Prompt

First, list every writing project you’d like to explore, as though you have unlimited time and energy.
 Always itched to create a picture book about hens who got chicken pox? A memoir about your years as a sky-diving, ninja-fighting postal worker? An alliterative poem about perplexed people who picked pickled peppers? A middle grade novel about death by toilet paper. (Wait a minute; that idea’s already been taken.)
Once you have your list, find the project that scares the heck out of you, the one thing you think you shouldn’t write. Or the project that makes your heart beat a little faster and your cheeks flush with excitement. WRITE THAT!
Kick fear out of your way.
Now, put your list aside and write the dedication of your next book or project. That’s right. The dedication. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t written a single word of this book or project yet. For whom are you writing? Remember, your writing is a gift. Who do you love enough to give the gift of your words to?

Here goes:
Dystoptian Fiction with an Indian girl as the main character
Books similar to Fudge series
Something for Radha to learn from
Something on teaching
Something for my own kids to read
Something like Mo Willems that makes kids laugh out loud and that they can grow with

A librarian "funnies" book - all the funny stories I hear
A insightful look at how teaching at Perez was - the "Christian Vasquez" story - gangs/violence and how it affects kids and their learning from the 6th grade point of view

Dedication to Come...Stay tuned!

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